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All Local 1000 Members:

2020 Election Final Certification Of Results For Officers And Chief Stewards:

                  CWA Local 1000 Election Committee Report

                                               Final Certification of Local Officers and Chief Stewards

 Here are the new Positions for the 2021-2023 CWA Local 1000 Officers and Chief Stewards:

 President – Amy Lafferty

Executive Vice President – Joy Van Pelt

Secretary-Treasurer – Lois Eelen

Vice President Operator Services – Mary Barb Compton

Vice President North – Dana Hazzard

Vice President South – Lemale Torres

Vice President for AT&T Mobility – Warren Hemple

 Chief Steward Area 1 – Sherrill Cassett-Denny

Chief Steward Area 2 – Daron Redd

Chief Steward Area 3 - Monica Morales

Chief Steward Area 4 – Bopha Phean

Chief Steward Area 5 – Louis White

Chief Steward Area 6 – Michelle Nathan (Shelly)

Chief Steward Area 7 – Phalicia Mason


Information regarding the nominations and possible election for Stewards will be mailed to your homes shortly.

 Please note, packets will only be mailed to members working in areas requiring an election.


verizon members: 

All Local 1000 Members:

APPLY for a CWA Joe Beirne Scholarship

This is to inform you that we will be announcing the application process for the CWA Joe Beirne Foundation’s scholarship for the 2021-2022 school year.

Attached you will find a copy of the Beirne Foundation scholarship rules, along with a copy of the poster that can be distributed to members and posted on the local websites.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved the awarding of sixteen (16) partial college scholarships of $4,000 each for two years. Eligible for the scholarships are CWA members, their spouses, children, and grandchildren, including the dependents of retired, laid-off, or deceased members. Applications will be available solely online for submission on the Foundation’s website at

Full program details can be found on the website at:

This valuable scholarship program is made possible by the funding of CWA locals.

Attention all Verizon Members!  Please read the memo below from President Amy Lafferty regarding the Stock Together Program. Below is memo :


Local 1000 Nominations For Local Officers and Chief Stewards: 

ALL LOCAL MEMBERS:By-Laws change voting results CLICK LINK:  PDF icon bylaws_change_2020_results_announcement.pdf (275.04 KB)

Verizon Members: 

This agreement applies to members who have exhausted 26 weeks of any of the leaves available pursuant to the March 16, 2020 COVID -19 Leave Agreement Click Link:  PDF icon covid_unpaid_leave_cwa_10-14-20.pdf

COVID-19 Work At Home - Renewal 3 signed agreement CLICK LINK: PDF icon covid19_wah_-_cwa_-_renewal_to_1-31-21.pdf




COVID-19 Work At Home - Renewal CLICK LINK:   covid19_wah_-_cwa_-_renewal_2.pdf

COVID-19 Backup Care - Renewal CLICK LINK: PDF icon covid19_backup_care_-_cwa_-_renewal_2.pdf

2019 Carry Over Vacation Time: 


Please refrain from posting pictures and updates about working from home. Remember, not all of your fellow members are about to do so. In this difficult time we all need to be supportive and understanding of our different situations. 

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October 2020:

October 2020:

Through a partnership with American Income Life Insurance Company, additional benefits are being provided to all members of CWA Local 1000. BENEFITS INCLUDE • A Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit Health Services Discount Card • Child Safe Kit Learn more by clicking here: