May 22, 2017 – Bargaining Report #44

CWA / AT&T 2017 “Orange” Contract Bargaining

May 22, 2017 – Bargaining Report #44
First and foremost, The Bargaining Team would like to thank and congratulate the Membership for their historic participation in this weekend’s strike! The picket lines and rallies throughout the country were strong and sent a clear message to the Company. Finally, after months of stalling, the company started filling the data requests that had been left unanswered until the strike. The Company has been put on notice that if they don’t start bargaining a fair contract, we can strike again at any time.
If there is any intimidation, retaliation, discipline or encouragement to leave the Union, you need to report it immediately to your Local. Just because the strike is over doesn’t mean the fight is over. The strike has unified the members like never before and that should carry over into your respective work areas. Mobilization must continue, so we can show this company that this will not end until we get a fair and equitable contract. This is a fight for good American jobs and when We Fight We Win!
Stay strong Brothers and Sisters!!

In Solidarity,

Mike Baxter, Local 1101

Frank Oliva, Local 1298

Deb Casey, Local 2204

Jeff Reamer, Local 13000

Julie Daloisio, Local 13500

Holly Sorey, Local 4202

Glen Skeen, Local 4320

Hector Capote, Local 7250

Debbie Goulet, Local 7803

Joe Sison, Local 9412

Brandon Beck, Local 9511

Pat Telesco, District 1, Chair

Tonya Moore, District